Serve cosmetics to embellish the most seductive scent on earth

AFRIMO you have to have a sense of the meaning of the first in Latin, which one can use AFRIMO get a good impression of the reason I first met easily. "Stealing the heart and soul." Various concepts with fragrance as a unique slogan, visual elements and brands specialize want to pursue a more clear and realistic beauty differently than the pursuit of abstract and surreal aesthetics of existing cosmetics brands The. In addition, "Pheromone flavor" calls on the appeal, which is reflected in all products AFRIMO COSMETIC will be able to further upgrade your charm index. Thus AFRIMO is a cosmetic brand came up with, as well as cultivate myself consider most users who want to further highlight the psychological attraction to another person and to honestly express yourself.

Pheromone Cosmetics Korea NO.1

Enthrall the hearts of the youth of the original scent captivating consumers with the opposite sex.

· July 2013 the brand launched
· December 2013 AFRIMO hand cream released
· 2014 pheromones Cosmetics industry's first participation campus events
· May 2014 release sunscreen AFRIMO
· July 2014 Cosmetics Store in July 2014, "RANKEY.COM" 1 selection above
· June 2015 New "Hot Stuff" release (Club DJ DOSA, LIMZI model chosen)
· July 2015 South Korea drugstore "Art Box" six point neighbor
· August 2015 AFRIMO "romantic" released
· October 2015 AFRIMO "Midnight“ released
· December 2015 AFRIMO "Original” released
· March 2016 AFRIMO “Original hand cream” released

Artists from various fields, with a trend leader

It is the realization of marketing to stimulate the senses in a variety of ways to express the flavor.

  • Inspired by the scent of product collaboration with DJ sound release
  • Musicians involved in the music video to express the concept of the product
  • The concept of the origin of the product fragrance Offline various parties, celebrations continue
  • Strict quality control and innovative product development

    The pursuit of product perfection to further pursue the more innovative.

    · ISO certified company manufacturing products / · CGMP certified company manufacturing cosmetics International /
    · FDA approved cosmetic products distributor

    Through a variety of demanding blind test systems and OEM use selection criteria that are in progress to develop products that reflect the symbols of customers who are always trying to achieve the highest perfection and customer satisfaction.

    The popularity of the brand and competitiveness

    Pheromones Korea cosmetic brand first place. Most local stores neighbor

    · Neighbor in Korea "Homeplus" "Poir shop" / · Korea drugstore "ARTBOX" My neighbor (13 stores nationwide)/
    · "" is selected No. 1 Online perfume shopping areas

    Ingenious product design, reasonable price and marketer of differentiated only through its various sales channels online / offline are working to reach a lot more customers.